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Sand Sifting



             featured products


FM 02 - Natural Torpedo Sand

FM 20 - Stone Sand(Maufactured) (IDOT Spec available upon request)

FA6 - Stone Sand(Grey) 

Crushed Stone Installation

Our crushed limestone products vary in size.

CA7 - 3/4" (IDOT Spec available upon request)

CA1 - 1"-3" 

Rip Rap - 4"-8"(IDOT Spec available upon request)

CA5 - 1 1/2"

We also can provide:

CA6(Roadmix) (IDOT Spec available upon request)

CA16(Washed Chips)(IDOT Spec available upon request)


PGE - Porous Granular Embankment (IDOT Spec available upon request)

IDOT availability will vary. Will need IDOT contract number for Purchase. 

We are also a CCDD facility. Please send EPA forms to dylanhhstone21@gmail.com to be approved for dumping. 

About Us

H&H STONE LLC was created in 2014 to serve the needs of construction businesses and home improvement professionals - and, of course, DIY enthusiasts.  If you would like to find out more about how H&H STONE LLC can serve your construction home improvement needs, get in touch with us today.



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